critical reflections
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critical reflections

Thomas Deckker Architect: temporary truck stop, M20
Lorry Drivers are human, too
Marc-Antoine Laugier: Essai sur l'Architecture
John Onians: ‘Architecture, Metaphor and the Mind’
Sir John Vanbrugh: Seaton Delaval, Northumberland (1720–28) from Colen Campbell: Vitruvius Britannicus vol 3 (1725)
Seaton Delaval: the aesthetic castle
Jules Hardouin-Mansart: Les Invalides, Paris (1676) Section showing the double dome
The Temple of Apollo at Stourhead: architecture and astronomy
Eric de Maré: Fishermen’s’ huts, Hastings (1956) © Architectural Press Archive / RIBA Library Photographs Collection
Eric de Maré: The Extraordinary Aesthetics of the Ordinary
Iannis Xenakis: score for Syrmos, for string orchestra (1959) © Editions Salabert E. A. S. 17516
Iannis Xenakis: Music, Architecture and War
United Visual Artists: Etymologies 2017 © United Visual Artists
United Visual Artists
Margaret Howell: Campaign 2020 © Margaret Howell
Margaret Howell
Palaces of Darius and Xerxes, Persepolis, Iran
The Plans of Antiquity
Cristobal Balenciaga: Skirt Suit, 1964 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Cristobal Balenciaga
Mathias Goeritz: La serpiente de El Eco, 1953 © Sothebys
Mathias Goeritz: 'Emotional Architecture'
Richard Serra: Weight and Measure 1992 © Richard Serra
Weight and Measure
Tony Smith: Playround, 1962 © Tony Smith Estate
Art and Experience
Highway Construction © Caterpillar Archives
Landscape and Infrastructure
Frank Gohlke: Lightning Flash, Lamesa, Texas © Frank Gohlke
Grain Elevators
Disassembled Boat, National Maritime Museum © Thomas Deckker 1997
Disassembled Boat, National Maritime Museum
photo © Thomas Deckker 1997

Thomas Deckker: critical reflections on art, architecture and landscape

I have written some critical reflections on the art, architecture and landscape that interest me and how and when these interests began. These interests frequently began in my childhood growing up in a small town in northern Canada. An interest begun in childhood, however, is not a sufficient condition for an interest as an adult: it must be maintained and developed. It surprised me how my present interets may be traced back to some formative experiences.

These interest have been brought out:
Landscape Research Unit: 2011/2012
Frances Strachan
Landscape:Architecture Project 2011/2012