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Oxford Summer Courses
Radcliffe Camera, Oxford [photo by Thomas Deckker]
Architecture Summer Course
University of Westminster
Economist Plaza, London [photo by Thomas Deckker]
Research Committee 2015 - 2017
King's College London
Praça do Tres Poderes, Brasília
Visiting Researcher 2014 -
The University of Dundee
Dundee Waterfront 2012
Fellow, Geddes Institute of Urban Research 2013 -
The University of Dundee
Tay Bridge, Dundee from the 'Red' Series
Visiting Fellow 2007 - 2013
➲ MSc Sustainable Urban Design
➲ MArch: Rationalist Traces
➲ DRU: Landscape:Architecture
Universität Liechtenstein
Workshop: 1999/2000
Workshops 1996-2004
Sarajevo Workshop: 1997
Workshop in Sarajevo 1997
The University of East London
The Atelier Project in Teaching
The Atelier Project in Teaching
The University of East London
Degree Unit G 1998/99
Degree Unit G 1991-1999
The University of East London
Visual Studies, First Year 1991-1994
Visual Studies, First Year 1991-1994
Architectural Association
AA Diploma 11 1988-89: End of Year Exhibition
Tutor, Diploma School 1988-1989
Landscape Research Unit: 2011/2012
Frances Strachan
Landscape:Architecture Project 2011/2012
Year 4 Design Research Unit: Landscape:Architecture
This research unit had a serious purpose: to identify what was the difference between architecture - which was defined by rational processes - and landscape - which was observed to be the result of stochastic processes.

Our challenge was to make a landscape through stochastic processes.

Studies of stochastic processes were made on paper as printed landscapes before making three dimensional objects. The printed landscapes are the equivalent of making maps.

2010/11: printed landscapes
2011/12: printed landscapes

Our three dimensional objects were made by stochastic processes.

2007/08: projects
2010/11: projects
2011/12: projects
Thomas Deckker Architect: Stochastic Garden
For some ideas by Thomas Deckker that arose from this project see Thomas Deckker Architect: Stochastic Garden.